Software Entrepreneurship – ETR402
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Software Entrepreneurship – ETR402

In oder to supplying the better references to students, lecturers and researchers; FPT Library and Information Center delighted to inform you about the subject guide for this subject: Software Entrepreneurship – ETR402.

Reference books

New venture creation : entrepreneurship for the 21st century . – 6th ed.


Call number: 658.1/141 T584

Authors: Jeffry A. Timmons and Stephen Spinelli, Jr

Publisher: Boston : McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2004. – xxx, 700 p. : ill., map ; 28 cm.

ISBN: 0072498404

Library code: FSB (01)

Call number:  658.1/141 T584

Tinh thần doanh nhân khởi nghiệp & sự đổi mới = Innovation and entrepreneurship : Bộ sách kinh điển về quản trị

tinh-the1baa7n-doanh-nhc3a2n-khe1bb9fi-nghie1bb87p-se1bbb1-c491e1bb95i-me1bb9biAuthors: Peter F. Drucker; Trịnh Quốc Anh dịch

Publisher: H. : Nxb Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân, 2011. – 419 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FSB (02)


Reference Ebooks (Books24x7)

Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises: Techniques and Case Studies

software-process-improvement-for-small-and-medium-enterprisesAuthors: Hanna Oktaba and Mario Piattini (eds)

Publisher: IGI Global © 2008 (394 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9781599049069

Software engineering is of major importance to all enterprises; however, the key areas of software quality and software process improvement standards and models are currently geared toward large organizations, where most software organizations are small and medium enterprises. “Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises” offers practical and useful guidelines, models, and techniques for improving software processes and products for small and medium enterprises, utilizing the authoritative, demonstrative tools of case studies and lessons learned to provide academics, scholars, and practitioners with an invaluable research source.

Delivering Successful Projects with TSP and Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Implementing Team Software Process

delivering-successful-projects-with-tsp-and-six-sigmaAuthor: Mukesh Jain

Publisher: Auerbach Publications © 2009 (278 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9781420061437

Delivering successful projects means the ability to produce high quality software within budget and on time – consistently, but when one mentions quality to software engineers or project managers, they talk about how impossible it is to eliminate defects from software. This assumption is passed on and on until it becomes accepted wisdom, with the power of a self-fulfilling prophecy. And when a project fails to arrive on time or up to standards, team members will turn on each other. The project got delayed because the engineers did a poor job in development or too much was promised upfront for this short of a timeline.In “Delivering Successful Projects with TSPSM and Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Implementing Team Software ProcessSM”, you will learn how to effectively manage the development of a software project and deliver it in line with customer expectations. This refreshing volume offers real-world case studies about the author’s experience at Microsoft successfully implementing TSP to achieve higher quality software. It empowers software developers to take responsibility for project management. It explains how Six Sigma and TSP combined can dramatically reduce software defects. By applying these principles put forth by one of the most respected names in software development, your software team will learn how to function as a team and turn out products where zero defects and on-time delivery are the norm.

Actionable Strategies Through Integrated Performance, Process, Project, and Risk Management

actionable-strategies-through-integrated-performance-process-project-and-risk-managementAuthor: Stephen S. Bonham

Publisher: Artech House © 2008 (278 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9781596931190

The global economy is posing new challenges, demanding innovative ways to control essential business operations. This unique resource presents new, actionable strategies that offer companies this control through integration of key aspects of management. The book shows professionals how to integrate performance, process, portfolio, project, and risk management so their companies can respond more rapidly and effectively in a highly competitive environment. This insightful volume explains how process portfolio management builds a corporate knowledgebase that controls processes.Practitioners learn how operation and strategy control patterns can be used to manage operations, so companies can quickly implement new strategies. Moreover, the book shows how to make project management offices more successful with operational portfolio architectures. Combining these latest methods in business design with the realities of the growing economies in Asia, India, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, this book is filled with dynamic solutions for the new international marketplaces.


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