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Advanced XML for Java and Java Script – PRX301

Main book

E-business & e-commerce : how to program. Vol. 1


Call number: 658.800 285 D325

Author:  H.M. Deitel, P.J. Deitel, T.R. Nieto .

Publisher:  Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2001. – 618 p. ; 23 cm

ISBN: 9780130284198

Library code : FSE (1)

Call number: 658.800 285 D325

Learn how to build winning e-Business/e-Commerce solutions, start to finish! In this 1000-page book, the best-selling authors of the How to Program Series apply their proven methodology and signature “live code” approach to teaching Web-based e-Business/e-Commerce development! You’ll find nearly 100 case studies and real-life examples from the world’s leading e-Business sites, plus hundreds of demonstrations and simulations covering every key component, from shopping carts to intelligent agents. Hundreds of expert tips offer invaluable insight into good programming practices, avoiding errors, maximizing performance, testing, and debugging. Whether you’re building from scratch or choosing a turnkey solution, this book covers every key element: architecture, hardware, software, tools, networking, consulting — even legal, social, and marketing issues. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all source code from the book, software from multiple vendors, plus links to hundreds of Web-based demos and developer’s resources.

E-business & e-commerce : how to program. Vol. 2


Call number: 658.800 285 D325

Author: H.M. Deitel, P.J. Deitel, T.R. Nieto .

Publisher:  Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2001. – 620-1254 p. ; 23 cm

ISBN: 9780130284198

Library code : FSE (1)

Call number: 658.800 285 D325


- Java EE 5 Tutorial


Reference books


Mastering XML



Author: Navarro Ann, Chuck White, Linda Burman New Delhi : BPB Publications, 2000 xxxiv, 882 p. : ill. ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM

Library code: FAT1 (1)

Call number: 005.13 A613

With its extra power and extensibility, XML is the next step in the evolution of HTML, destined to be the universal data format on the Web. Master the Web's next hot language with this complete and definitive guide, written by one of the few people who has actually developed full-scale XML-based applications. This is the first book on the market that uses real-world examples, explains the specifics of developing for Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, and delivers a full explanation of the XSL specification.


XML Programming Bible      

xml-programming-bibleAuthor: Brian Benz, John R. Durant

ISBN : 0764538292

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

New York, NY 10022

If XML can do it, you can do it too…Here, at last, is a single reference that covers both Microsoft . NET and Java programming integration with XML. It will have you up and running quickly with a solid grounding in the most recent core and related specifications, then provide you with essential details for managing databases, financial transactions, XML security, and more. If you’re an information architect or developer, this is your one essential resource for structuring data with XML in application development, both on and off the Web. Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of XML programming Explore the full range of XML specifications, including new XML 1. 1 Use XML with J2EE 1. 4, the newest version of Microsoft . NET, and open source XML tools from Apache Gain knowledge of both Microsoft . NET and Java programming integration with XML Find out how XML excels in communication between applications in business settings where Java and . NET coexist Examine extensive business examples, including several major applications developed throughout the book Learn how to access and format XML data from SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2 databases Transform relational XML output into other formats Create and deploy . NET Web services and build a . NET Web services client Apply authentication and security measures for Web services.

AJAX thựchành: Javascript + XML

Author: ĐặngDươngAnh, VũQuốcAnh .

H. : Lao động – Xãhội, 2008. – 390 tr. ; 24 cm.

Library code: FPT (01)

Call number: 005.1 A596

Even more excellent HTML with XML, XHTML and JavaScript


Call number: 005.7/2 G686

Author: Timothy T. Gottleber, Timothy N. Trainor

3rd ed. – Boston, Mass. ; London : Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2003. – xxiii, 551 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. + 1 reference guide + 1 CD-ROM

ISBN: 0072509163

Library code:  FPT (02)

Call number: 005.7/2 G686

Even More Excellent HTML goes beyond the typical step-by-step, cookbook-style approach to provide comprehensive coverage of HTML-related materials and concepts. Integrated, hands-on activities help readers apply what they have learned, while a light, reader-friendly style presents complex topics in a clear, nonintimidating fashion. The importance of XML and XML compliance is also discussed and explained.

HTML, DHTML and Java Script


Aptech computer education

H. : FPT University, [20??]. – 453 p. ; 28 cm

Library code: FPT (05)

HTML, DHTML and Java Script


Aptech computer education .

H. : FPT University, [20??]. – 355 tr. ; 26 cm

Library code: FPT (14)

XML kỹ thuật tạo trang Web


Call number: 006.7 X7


- H.: ThốngKê, 2004. – 356tr.; 21cm.

Library code: FPT (03)

Call number: 006.7 X7

Beginning JavaScript


Call number: 005.13/3 W756

Author: Paul Wilton, Jeremy McPeak

3rd ed. – Indiana : Wiley Publishing, 2007. – xxii, 767 p. : ill. ; 24cm

ISBN : 0470525932

Library code:  FPT (01)

Call number: 005.13/3 W756

The perennial bestseller returns with new details for using the latest tools and techniques available with JavaScript JavaScript is the definitive language for making the Web a dynamic, rich, interactive medium. This guide to JavaScript builds on the success of previous editions and introduces you to many new advances in JavaScript development. The reorganization of the chapters helps streamline your learning process while new examples provide you with updated JavaScript programming techniques. You’ll get all-new coverage of Ajax for remote scripting, JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript and XML, and the latest features in modern Web browsers. Plus, all the featured code has been updated to ensure compliance with the most recent popular Web browsers. This title introduces you to the latest capabilities of JavaScript, the definitive language for developing dynamic, rich, interactive Web sites. It features new coverage of data types and variables, JavaScript and XML, Ajax for remote scripting, and popular JavaScript frameworks. It offers updated code that ensures compliance with the most popular Web browsers. It includes improved examples on the most up-to-date JavaScript programming techniques.

XML nền tảng và ứng dụng


Call number: 005.13 L243

Author: Nguyễn Phương Lan, Hoàng Đức Hải .

H.: Lao độngxãhội, 2005. – 258tr.; 29cm.

Library code: FPT (05) + FAT2 (03) + FAT3 (03)

Call number: 005.13 L243

XML nền tảng và ứng dụng : giáo trình tin học lý thuyết và hướng dẫn thực hành (Phần 1)

Author: Nguyễn Phương Lan chủ biên, Hoàng Đức Hải .

H. : Lao động – xã hội, 2003. – 566 tr. ; 24 cm

Library code: FAT1 (08) + FAT (10)

Call number: 005.13 L243

Tạo trang web hấp dẫn với HTML, XML


Call number: 005.13 L243

Author: Công Tuân, Công Bình sưu tầm, biên soạn .

H. : Vănhóa – Thông tin, 2007. – 268 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FAT1 (08) + FAT2 (10)

Call number: 005.13 L243

XML cho người mới học


Call number: 005.13 N576

Author: Lê Minh Trung, Hoàng Thanh .

H., 2002. – 453 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FAT1 (01)

Call number: 005.13 T871

Nhập môn XML : Kỹ thuật thực hành, giải pháp & ứng dụng

Author: Nguyễn Tiến,…[et al.] .

H. : Thống kê, 2002. – 792 tr. ; 24 cm.

Library code : FAT1 (01)

Call number: 005.13 N576

Mastering XML


Call number: 005.13 A613

Author: Ann Navarro, Chuck White, Linda Burman

1st ed. – New Delhi : BPB Publications, 2000. – xxxiv, 882 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

ISBN: 0782122663/ 9780782122664

Library code:  FAT1 (01)

Call number: 005.13 A613

With its extra power and extensibility, XML is the next step in the evolution of HTML, destined to be the universal data format on the Web. Master the Web’s next hot language with this complete and definitive guide, written by one of the few people who has actually developed full-scale XML-based applications. This is the first book on the market that uses real-world examples, explains the specifics of developing for Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, and delivers a full explanation of the XSL specification.

Java Programming:  From Problem Analysis to Program Design

51XaFSC69sL. SY300

 Author: D.S. Malik
Canada : Thomson Course Technology, 2007

Call number: 005.133 M251

Designed for beginning programming students, this book will motivate and excite while teaching fundamental programming concepts.  Based on years of classroom testing, Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, Third Edition approaches programming with a focus on clear explanations and practice, two critical factors in mastering the Java language. Straightforward language is used to explain the reasoning behind each new concept, and numerous examples and exercises allow readers to practice solving problems and writing code. This new edition is fully compliant with Java 6.0, and includes updated programming exercises and programs.

Effective Java programming language guide

51x7OIWHkkL. BO2204203200 PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76 AA278 PIkin4BottomRight-4622 AA300 SH20 OU01

Author: Joshua Bloch

Us : Pearson Education International, 2007. -  252 p. ; 23 cm.

Call number: 005.133 B620

Phát triển cơ sở dữ liệu Java Oracle


Java Oracle

Author: Nguyễn Ngọc Tuấn, Hồng Phúc

H.: Giao thông vận tải, 2005 434 tr.; 24 cm

Library code: FSE - HL  (1) + FSE (2)

Call number: 005.74 T883



Tự học Java Script


Call number: 005.13 S617

Author: Nguyễn Trường Sinh, Hoàng Đức Hải .

H. : Lao độngXãhội, 2006. – 192tr. : minh họa ; 24cm.

Library code: FAN2 (03) + FAT1 (04) + FAT2 (04) + FAT3 (05)

Call number: 005.13 S617

Tự học JavaScript trong 10 tiếng

Author: Công Tuân, Công Thọ sưu tầm và biên soạn .

H. : Văn hóa thông tin, 2007. – 276 tr. ; 21 cm

Library code: FAT2 (03)

Call number: 005.13 T883

Học nhanh JavaScript bằng hình ảnh


Call number: 005.13 S617

Author: Nguyễn Trường Sinh chủ biên, Hoàng Đức Hải .

Tp. HCM : Lao động – xãhội, 2006. – 340 tr. : Minh họa ; 24 cm

Library code: FAN1 (05) + FAT1 (04) + FAT2 (04)

Call number: 005.13 S617

JavaScript. T 1.


Call number: 005.362 T730

Author: Lê Minh Trí .

Tp. HồChí Minh : Trẻ, 2000. – 425 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FAT1 (03)

Call number: 005.362 T730

JavaScript. T. 2

Author: Lê Minh Trí .

Tp. HồChí Minh : Trẻ, 2001. – 879 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FAT1 (01)

Call number: 005.362 T730

Tự học JavaScript trong 1 tuần

Saigonbook .

ĐàNẵng : Nxb Đà Nẵng, 2002. – 576 tr. ; 21 cm.

Library code: FAT1 (03)

Call number: 005.13 T883


Tự học JavaScript

Author: Nguyễn Trường Sinh, Hoàng Đức Hải .

Tp. Hồ Chí Minh : Nxb Lao động xã hội, 2006. – 192 tr. : Minh họa ; 24cm.

Library code: FAN1 (05)

Call number: 005.13 S617

Reference Ebooks

Beginning XML 2nd Edition: XML Schemas, SOAP, XSLT, DOM, and SAX 2.0

beginning-xmlAuthor: David Hunter, Kurt Cagle, Chris Dix and et al.

Wrox Press © 2003 (784 pages)

ISBN: 9780764543944

What is this book about? Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a rapidly maturing technology with powerful real-world applications, particularly for the management, display, and organization of data. Together with its many related technologies it is an essential technology for anyone using markup languages on the web or internally. This book teaches you all you need to know about XML what it is, how it works, what technologies surround it, and how it can best be used in a variety of situations, from simple data transfer to using XML in your web pages. It builds on the strengths of the first edition, and provides new material to reflect the changes in the XML landscape notably SOAP and Web Services, and the publication of the XML Schemas Recommendation by the W3C.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

dhtml-utopia-modern-web-design-using-javascript-domAuthor: Stuart Langridge

SitePoint © 2005 (338 pages)

ISBN: 9780957921894

Add dynamic interactivity to your Web site with DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets!*Targeted to designers and content creators, not just programmers.*Visual, task-based format the ideal way to get up and running with DHTML. This edition is up-to-date on the current Web standards and browsers, and includes all new coverage of using DHTML to get information about the browser environment and adding multimedia to a site, as well as new basic and advanced dynamic techniques, such as making objects appear and disappear, moving objects in 3D, and adding dynamic content. This edition offers full cross-platform and cross-browser coverage. This book does not focus on the more complex aspects of DHTML, but focuses on practical examples of what really works with DHTML and CSS, making it useful for beginners just starting out with DHTML, as well as professional developers looking for a quick reference.

RSS and Atom: Understanding and Implementing Content Feeds and Syndication

rss-and-atom-understanding-and-implementing-content-feeds-and-syndicationAuthor: Heinz Wittenbrink

Packt Publishing © 2005 (280 pages)

ISBN: 9781904811572

Syndicating Web Sites with RSS Feeds For Dummies

A10Author: Ellen Finkelstein

John Wiley & Sons © 2005 (362 pages)

ISBN: 9780764588488

So you have a business and you have a Web site. Bravo! You’re doing all the right things to be successful. But wait – the information on your Web site needs to be updated, and your customers need to know. Good heavens, didn’t you spend half of last week doing that? There’s got to be a quicker, easier way to keep your clientele informed, and while we’re at it, how about building your business too? RSS can come to your rescue, but first you need to know what it is and how to use it. “Syndicating Web Sites With RSS Feeds For Dummies” has what you need to know to get up and running fast – and with today’s flood of constantly-changing information, ‘fast’ is a top priority. Here, in plain English, you’ll find out how to: use RSS to drive traffic to your Web site and build brand awareness; choose and install the right software, set up RSS feeds, and decide on the format that meets your needs; and, create RSS feeds from scratch, or put a news reader on your Web site.This title also helps you to find how to: improve your site’s ranking in search engines and build customer loyalty; enable your customers to choose when and how they receive updated information; tailor information for your audience and publish all your updates quickly and easily; promote your RSS feed and explain to your customers how to use it; provide added value for your customers; and, making the most of RSS can make life easier for both you and those who do business with you. “Syndicating Web Sites With RSS Feeds For Dummies” will help you maintain fresh content for your Web site, blog, or e-zine, promote your site and establish links to it, and even update vital documents like employee guides, price lists, and procedures manuals, quickly and easily.

Beginning RSS and Atom Programming

rss-and-atom-understanding-and-implementing-content-feeds-and-syndicationAuthor: Danny Ayers and Andrew Watt

Wrox Press © 2005 (775 pages)

ISBN: 9780764579165

RSS and Atom are specifications that give users the power to subscribe to information they want to receive and give content developers tools to provide continuous subscriptions to willing recipients in a spam-free setting. RSS and Atom are the technical power behind the growing millions of blogs on the Web. Blogs change the Web from a set of static pages or sites requiring programming expertise to update to an ever changing, constantly updated landscape that anyone can contribute to. RSS and Atom syndication provides users an easy way to track new information on as many Web sites as they want. This book offers you insight to understanding the issues facing the user community so you can meet users’ needs by writing software and Web sites using RSS and Atom feeds. Beginning with an introduction to all the current and coming versions of RSS and Atom, you’ll go step by step through the process of producing, aggregating, and storing information feeds. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to produce client software and Web sites that create, manipulate, aggregate, and display information feeds effectively. ‘This book is full of practical advice and tips for consuming, producing, and manipulating information feeds. I only wish I had a book like this when I started writing RSS Bandit’ – Dare Obasanjo, RSS Bandit creator.

Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

bbb321Author: Jon Duckett

Wrox Press © 2010 (864 pages)

ISBN: 9780470540701

This is an indispensable introductory guide to creating web pages using the most up-to-date standards. This beginner guide shows you how to use XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create compelling Web sites. While learning these technologies, you will discover coding practices such as writing code that works on multiple browsers including mobile devices, how to use AJAX frameworks to add interactivity to your pages, and how to ensure your pages meet accessible requirements. Packed with real-world examples, the book not only teaches you how to write Web sites using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, but it also teaches you design principles that help you create attractive web sites and practical advice on how to make web pages more usable. In addition, special checklists and appendices review key topics and provide helpful references that re-enforce the basics you’ve learned. This title serves as an ideal beginners guide to writing web pages using XHTML. It explains how to use CSS to make pages more appealing and add interactivity to pages using JavaScript and AJAX frameworks. Share advice on design principles and how to make pages more attractive and offers practical help with usability and accessibility. It features checklists and appendices that review key topics. This introductory guide is essential reading for getting started with using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to create exciting and compelling Web sites

Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML: Modern Guide and Reference

beginning-html-with-css-and-xhtml-modern-guide-and-referenceAuthor: David Schultz, Craig Cook

Apress © 2007 (456 pages)

ISBN: 9781590597477

This HTML book is intended to be the cornerstone in any modern aspiring web developers library. So why another HTML book? The answer is that web development has changed with the advent of web standards, meaning that a lot of the old books are now obsolete all the code and techniques contained within this book are strictly standards compliant and best practice, so the reader is not taught outdated, bad techniques, and their web pages will work properly in most web browsers, be lean and small in file size, accessible to web users with disabilities, and easily findable by search engines such as Google. This book uses practical examples to show readers how to structure data correctly using (X)HTML, and the basics of styling it and laying it out using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS,) and adding dynamic behavior to it using JavaScript as quickly as possible. It is also useful to more experienced web developers there are comprehensive reference tables at the back of the book.

Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Second Edition

beginning-web-programming-with-html-xhtml-and-css-second-editionAuthor: Jon Duckett

Wrox Press © 2008 (768 pages)

ISBN: 9780470259313

This beginning guide reviews HTML and also introduces you to using XHTML for the structure of a web page and cascading style sheets (CSS) for controlling how a document should appear on a web page. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest features of browsers while making sure that your pages still work in older, but popular, browsers. By incorporating usability and accessibility, you’ll be able to write professional-looking and well-coded web pages that use the latest technologies

HTML, XHTML, and CSS All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

9780470186275Author: Andy Harris and Chris McCulloh

John Wiley & Sons © 2008 (960 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9780470186275

Want to build a killer Web site? Want to make it easy to keep your site up to date? You’ll need to know how CSS, HTML, and XHTML work together. “HTML, XHTML, and CSS All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies” makes that easy too! These eight minibooks get you started, explain standards, and help you connect all the dots to create sites with pizzazz.This handy, one-stop guide catches you up on XHTML basics and CSS fundamentals. You’ll learn how to work with Positionable CSS to create floating elements, margins, and multi-column layouts, and you’ll get up to speed on client-side programming with JavaScript. You’ll also get the low-down on server side programming with PHP, creating a database with MySQL, and using Ajax on both client and server sides.

HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies, 6th Edition

html-xhtml-and-css-for-dummiesAuthor: Ed Tittel and Jeff Noble

John Wiley & Sons © 2008 (384 pages)

ISBN: 9780470238479

Now featuring more than 250 color illustrations throughout, this perennially popular guide is a must for novices who want to work with HTML or XHTML, which continue to be the foundation for any Web site. The new edition features nearly 50 percent new and updated content, including expanded coverage of CSS and scripting, new coverage of syndication and podcasting, and new sample HTML projects, including a personal Web page, an eBay auction page, a company Web site, and an online product catalog. The companion Web site features an eight-page expanded Cheat Sheet with ready-reference information on commands, syntax, colors, CSS elements, and more. It covers planning a Web site, formatting Web pages, using CSS, getting creative with colors and fonts, managing layouts, and integrating scripts.

HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible, Fifth Edition

html-xhtml-and-css-bibleAuthor: Steven M. Schafer

John Wiley & Sons © 2010 (792 pages)

ISBN: 9780470523964

An essential update to the key web authoring standards of HTML, XHTML, and CSS The existence of Web pages depends on three vital technologies: HTML (base language that Web pages are written in), XHTML (standards that define how to write HTML pages), and CSS (standard that applies formatting styles to Web pages). This new edition provides you with critical coverage of these three Web authoring standards, and places special focus on the upcoming releases of HTML 5 and CSS 3. Serving as a tutorial and reference, this comprehensive resource explains the basic structure and necessary formatting to create a static (non-changing) and dynamic (changing) page on the Internet.* HTML, XHTML, and CSS are the three major Web authoring standards for creating either a static or dynamic Web page* Guides you through using HTML to create Web documents and introduces updates to HTML 5* Demonstrates best practices for using tools and utilities to create Web documents* Includes coverage of the new CSS 3 and tips and tricks for maximizing its abilities Helpful examples round out this essential guide and will get you up and running with HTML, XHMTL, and CSS in no time! Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Mobile Web Development: Building Mobile Websites, SMS and MMS Messaging, Mobile Payments, and Automated Voice Call Systems with XHTML MP, WCSS, and Mobile AJAX

mobile-web-developmentAuthor: Nirav Mehta

Packt Publishing © 2008 (236 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9781847193438

This complete, practical guide to writing mobile websites and applications shows developers how to build a powerful mobile web presence. Readers need knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a server-side language; the examples use PHP, but are easily adapted to other languages. The book does not use J2ME, but uses mobiles’ web browsers and other standard features with XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP) and Wireless CSS (WCSS). Examples illustrate each technique, focused on real-world solutions, pragmatic tips, and fast results rather than theory. Whether you want to provide website customers with new ways to access your services, or build applications to keep staff up to date on the road, this book covers it: adapting content to the capabilities of target devices, saving bandwidth with compression, creating server-side logic integrated with a mobile front end, sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, accepting mobile payments, and developing voice and touchtone responsive systems.

Foundation Website Creation with CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript

kkk111erAuthor: Jonathan Lane, MeitarMoscovitz and Joseph R. Lewis

Friends of Ed © 2008 (360 pages)

ISBN: 9781430209911

This book covers the entire process of building a website. This process involves much more than just technical knowledge, and this book provides you with all the information you’ll need to understand the concepts behind designing and developing for the Web, as well as the best means to deliver professional, best-practice-based results. There is far more to building a successful website than knowing a little Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The process starts long before any coding takes place, and this book introduces you to the agile development process, explaining why this method makes so much sense for web projects and how best to implement it. Planning is vital, so you’ll also learn how to use techniques such as brainstorming, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to get your project off to the best possible start and help ensure smooth progress as it develops. An understanding of correct, semantic markup is essential to any web professional, so this book explains how XHTML should be used to structure content so that the markup adheres to current web standards. You’ll learn about the wide range of HTML elements available to you, and you’ll learn how and when to use them through building example web pages. Without creative use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), websites would all look largely the same. CSS gives you the ability to set your website apart from the rest while maintaining the integrity of your markup. You’ll learn how CSS works and how to apply styles to your pages, enabling you to realize your design ideas in the browser. JavaScript can be used to make your website easier and more interesting to use. This book provides information on appropriate uses of this technology and introduces the concepts of programming using it. You’ll also see how JavaScript works as part of the much-hyped technique Ajax and in turn where Ajax fits into the wider Web 2.0 picture. While a website is being built, it needs to be tested across multiple browsers and platforms to ensure that the site works for all users, regardless of ability or disability, and the book explains how best to do these tasks. Then, it discusses the process of launching and maintaining the site so that it will continue to work for all its users throughout its life-cycle. The book concludes by covering server-side technologies, acting as a guide to the different options available and explaining differences between available products. With insights from renowned experts such as Jason Fried of 37signals, Daniel Burka of Digg and Pownce, and Chris Messina of Citizen Agency, Foundation Website Creation provides invaluable information applicable to every web project, regardless of size, scope, or budget.

HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible

nnn543Fourth Edition

Author: Steven M. Schafer

John Wiley & Sons © 2008 (720 pages)

ISBN: 9780470128619

HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible

A11Author: Bryan Pfaffenberger, Steven M. Schafer, Chuck White and Bill Karow

John Wiley & Sons © 2004 (790 pages)

ISBN: 9780764557392

An expanded, updated, and retitled edition of HTML Bible, examining HTML, XHTML-a set of extensions to HTML to make it more like XML-and cascading style sheets (CSS), which provide a simple way to add consistent formatting to HTML Web documents Focusing on reader feedback and changing industry trends, this new edition is a major overhaul that addresses the extensive changes in Web development Shows readers the best, most efficient way to use HTML and examines which peripheral technologies are worth learning for the long run Features “before and after” pictures that show the results of improved Web page coding Offers continued coverage of key topics, including site administration, dynamic data-driven pages, and many others, in addition to new sections on hot new topics such as blogs and content management

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML

how-to-do-everything-with-html-and-xhtmlAuthor: James H. Pence

McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2003 (377 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9780072231298

No matter what the level of Internet expertise is, readers can use “How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML, Second Edition” to learn to build and keep their websites up to date. Structured and written for non-technical users with little or no web experience, the content is comprehensive – it begins with basic HTML and XHTML, then progresses to more difficult concepts so that intermediate website builders will be challenged to take their website building skills to new levels.

HTML & XHTML: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition

s4281356Author: Thomas A. Powell

McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2003 (932 pages)

ISBN: 9780072229424

Construct awesome Web pages using HTML, XHTML, XML, basic JavaScript, both CSS (style sheet) specifications, and DHTML. This thorough resource provides explanations of why tags work as they do, rather than just giving basic descriptions of them. Plus, use a companion Web site that features layout examples and allows visitors to sample HTML for their own uses.

Master Visually HTML 4 and XHTML 1

master-html-visuallyAuthor: Kelly Murdock

John Wiley & Sons © 2000 (691 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9780764534546

With over 1,200 annotated screenshots, this is the only comprehensive HTML/XHTML reference that presents information using a visual approachsincluding coverage of JavaScript, Java, XML, and other cutting-edge technologies. This step-by-step reference starts you off with the basics of formatting text and adding images and then moves on to cover streaming video, VRML, and other advanced topics. The CD-ROM contains a searchable PDF of the entire book.

XHTML: Moving Toward XML

xhtml-moving-towards-xmlAuthor: Simon St. Laurent and B.K. DeLong

John Wiley & Sons © 2000 (435 pages) Citation

ISBN: 9780764547096

XHTML promises to expand the power and versatility of the Web and pave the way for XML. With crystal-clear explanations and compelling case studies, this step-by-step guide shows you how to take advantage of this exciting new Web standard. From working with the rigorous XHTML structure and retrofitting your HTML code to extending XHTML with XML, this guide is just what you need to position yourself and your sites for the XML future.

Internet resources  

- Java JDK 6.0 (

- Netbeans IDE (


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