Introduction to Computing – CSI101
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Introduction to Computing – CSI101

In oder to supplying the better references to students, lecturers and researchers; FPT Library and Information Center delighted to inform you about the subject guide for this subject: Introduction to Computing.

Main book

Connecting with computer science


Call number : 004 A546

Authors : Greg Anderson, David Ferro, Robert Hilton

Publisher : Boston, Mass. : Thomson Course Technology, 2005. – xxvi, 662 p. : ill. (mostly col.) ; 26 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).

ISBN : 9780619212902, 061921290X

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  004 A546

This fresh and innovative text leads beginning computer science students through a carefully selected sequence of highly relevant core topics, giving them a strong foundation for the remainder of their learning.

Reference books

Connecting with computer science. – 2nd ed.


Call number : 004 A546

Authors : Greg Anderson, David Ferro, Robert Hilton

Publisher : Canada : Cengage learning, 2011. – 644p. : ill. ; 26cm

ISBN : 0538475730, 9780538475730

Library code : FSE ( 01 ) + FSB ( 03 )

Call number :  004 A546

Written for the beginning computing student, this text engages readers by relating core computer science topics to their industry application. The book is written in a comfortable, informal manner, and light humor is used throughout the text to maintain interest and enhance learning. All chapters contain a multitude of exercises, quizzes, and other opportunities for skill application.

The ethical challenge : how to lead with unyielding integrity. – 1st ed.


Call number : 174/.4 T374

Authors : Noel M. Tichy, Andrew R. McGill, editors

Publisher : San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2003. – ix, 293 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 078796767X

Library code : FSB ( 01 ) Call number :  174/.4 T374

Business leaders must win the renewed support of a skeptical public not through manipulation, like another new product or fad, but with foundations of ethical absolutes the world can trust. This book springs from presentations by a variety of business leaders at the University of Michigan Business School. The forum brought together combined practitioner-academic dialogue in response to the business revelations of 2002. Contributors include James A. Baker, III, Former Secretary of State, Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric, Myrtle Potter, COO, Genentech, Joe Liemandt, CEO Trilogy Software, and Eleanor Josaitis, Founder, Focus: HOPE.

Computer system architecture. – 3rd ed.


Call number : 004.2 M285

Author : Morris Mano

Publisher : Chennai : Pearson, 2007. – 520p. : ill. ; 24cm.

ISBN : 9788131700709

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.2 M285

Modern operating systems . – 2nd ed.

in1Authors :  Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher : Upper Saddle River, NJ ; London : Prentice Hall International, 2001. – xxiv, 951 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

ISBN : 0130313580, 0130926418

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  005.43 T164

FEATURES *NEW-New chapters on computer security, multimedia operating systems, and multiple processor systems. *NEW-Extensive coverage of Linux, UNIX, and Windows 2000 as examples. *NEW-Now includes coverage of graphical user interfaces, multiprocessor operating systems, trusted systems, viruses, network terminals, CD-ROM file systems, power management on laptops, RAID, soft timers, stable storage, fair-share scheduling, three-level scheduling, and new paging algorithms.

Modern operating systems. – 3rd ed.

modern-operation-system-3rdAuthors : Andrew S. Tanenbaum

 Publisher : Us : Pearson International Edition, 2009. – xxvii, 1072 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 9780138134594

Library code : FSE (01)

Call number :  005.43 T164

For Introductory Courses in Operating Systems in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering programs. ‘ The widely anticipated revision of this worldwide best-seller incorporates the latest developments in operating systems (OS)technologies. The Third Edition includes up-to-date materials on relevant’OS such as Linux, Windows, and embedded real-time and multimedia systems. Tanenbaum also provides information on current research based on his experience as an operating systems researcher. ‘ Student Resources’Include: * Online Exercises – Provide hands-on experience with building as well as analyzing the performance of OS. In particular, these exercises have been designed to provide experience with analyzing the resource consumptions in Windows and Linux.* Simulation Exercises – Designed to provide experience with building some key components of an OS, including process scheduling, main memory allocation, paging algorithms and virtual memory, and file systems.* Lab Experiments* Please note, GOAL is no longer available with this book. Password-Protected Instructor Resources (Select the Resources Tab to View Downloadable Files): * Power Point Lecture Slides* Figures in both .jpeg and .eps file format* Solutions to Exercises* Please note, GOAL is no longer available with this book. Modern Operating Systems, 3e is the recipient of the Text and Authors Association (TAA) 2010 McGuffey Longevity Award. The McGuffey Longevity Award recognizes textbooks whose excellence has been demonstrated over time.

Understanding Operating Systems. – 4th ed.

understanfing-operating-systems-4thAuthors : Ida M. Flynn, Ann McIver McHoes

Publisher : US : Thomson Course Technology, 2006. – 555 p. ; 24 cm

ISBN : 9781439080115

Library code : FSE (03 )

Call number :  005.43 F648

With the same straightforward and clear writing style that has made previous editions so successful, “Understanding Operating Systems, 5e, International Edition” provides the ideal blend of operating theory and practice. Coverage includes the fundamentals of operating systems: what they are, what they do, how they function, how they can be evaluated, and how they compare to one another. Part One describes the management of memory, processors, devices, files, and networks as well as system security, ethics, and overall system management. The second part of the book focuses on four specific operating systems (UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux) and how they apply the theory explained in the first part of the text. Updates include discussions of new technologies that affect operating system design, including multi-core chips and virtualization, making this edition a current and relevant resource.

Computing concepts : complete edition. – 2nd ed.

computing-concepts-complete-edition-2nd-edAuthors : Stephen Haag, Maeve Cummings, Alan I. Rea, Jr

Publisher :  Boston ; London : McGraw-Hill Technology Education, 2004. – xxxi, 556 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.

ISBN : 0072834110

Library code : FSE ( 02 )

Call number :  004 H111

This exciting and innovating concepts text emphasizes all that is current, cutting-edge, and interesting to students in the introductory course. Focusing specifically on users, consumers and purchasers of technology, this text provides a no-nonsense coverage of the absolute essentials for using technology in today’s wired (and wireless!) world. The “I-Series” offers excellent coverage of the basics, as well as extensive information on building a Web site, E-Commerce, implications of technological advances, buying your first PC, maintaining a computer system, and more. Each chapter also contains coverage of ethics, security, and privacy.

Understanding operating systems . – 5th ed.

understanfing-operating-systems-5thAuthors : Ida M. Flynn, Ann McIver McHoes

Publisher : US : Thomson Course Technology, 2008. – 577 p. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 0534423663

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  005.4 M151

The fourth edition of this best-selling book blends operating systems theory and practice in an appealing, well-organized way. Its innovative two-part approach explores operating systems theory and development in the first section, and discusses the three most widely-used operating systems (MS-DOS, Windows, and UNIX) in the second. Each chapter has been updated for currency, and a brand-new chapter on System Security has been added. Students will appreciate the many examples and illustrations found within the two-color interior, as well as the overall readability of the text.

Discovering Computers 2009 : Introductory


Call number : 004.16 S545

Authors : Shelly, Gary B

Publisher : us : Cengage Learning, 2008. – 616tr. ; 28cm.

ISBN : 9781423911975

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.16 S545

Discovering Computers 2009 provides students with a current and thorough introduction to computers by integrating the use of technology with the printed text. This Shelly Cashman Series text offers a dynamic and engaging solution to successfully teach learners important computer concepts through exciting new exercises that focus on problem solving and critical thinking, along with online reinforcement tools on the unparalleled Online Companion. Updated for currency, learners will learn the latest trends in technology and computer concepts and how these topics are integrated into their daily lives.

Computer networks and Internets with Internet application . – 4th ed.


Call number : 004.6 C732

Authors: Douglas E. Comer, Ralph E. Droms

Publisher : US: Pearson Education, 2004. – 719 p.; 24 cm.

ISBN : 013123627X

Library code : FSE ( 05  photo + 01 sách gốc )

Call number :  004.6 C732

For one-semester, undergraduate/graduate introductory computer networking courses in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, CIS, MIS, and Business Departments. Written by a best-selling author and leading computer networking authority, this text builds a comprehensive picture of the technologies behind Internet applications. Ideal for those with little or no background in the subject, the book answers the basic question “how do computer networks and Internets operate?” in the broadest sense and includes an early optional introduction to network programming and applications. The text provides a comprehensive, self-contained tour through all of networking from the lowest levels of data transmission and wiring to the highest levels of application software, explaining how underlying technologies provide services and how Internet applications use those services. At each level, it shows how the facilities and services provided by lower levels are used and extended in the next level. For instructors who want to emphasize Internet technologies and applications, the book provides substantial sections on Internetworking and Network Applications that can serve as a focus for a course.An accompanying multimedia CD-ROM and Website provide opportunities for a variety of hands-on experiences.

Ethics In Information Technology. – 3rd ed.

ethics-in-information-technology-3rd-edAuthors : George W. Reynolds

Publisher : us : Cengage Learning, 2010. – 451p. ; 23CM

ISBN : 0538473096, 9780538473095

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  174.900 4 R463

“Ethics in Information Technology, 3e, International Edition” is a highly anticipated revision that will help readers understand the legal, ethical, and societal implications of information technology. The third edition offers updated and newsworthy coverage of issues such as file sharing, infringement of intellectual property, security risks, Internet crime, identity theft, employee surveillance, privacy, compliance, social networking, and ethics of IT corporations. This book offers an excellent foundation in ethical decision-making for current and future business managers and IT professionals.

Ethics in Information Technology. – 2nd ed.


Call number : 174.900 4 R463

Authors : Raynolds, George W

Publisher : us : Thomson Course Technology, 2007. – 350tr. ; 23cm.

ISBN : 1418836311, 9781418836313

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  174.900 4 R463

Ethics in Information Technology, Second Edition is a timely offering with updated and brand new coverage of topical issues that we encounter in the news every day such as file sharing, infringement of intellectual property, security risks, Internet crime, identity theft, employee surveillance, privacy, and compliance.

Computer Networks . – 4th ed.

in2Authors : Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher : New Jersey : Pearson Education International, 2003. – 891 p.. ; 23cm

ISBN : 0130384887, 9780130384881

Library code : FSE ( 39 )

Library code : FSB ( 20 )

Call number :  004.6 T164

The world’s leading introduction to networking–fully updated for tomorrow’s key technologies.~Computer Networks, Fourth Edition is the ideal introduction to today’s networks–and tomorrow’s. This classic best seller has been thoroughly updated to reflect the newest and most important networking technologies with a special emphasis on wireless networking, including 802.11, Bluetooth, broadband wireless, ad hoc networks, i-mode, and WAP. But fixed networks have not been ignored either with coverage of ADSL, gigabit Ethernet, peer-to-peer networks, NAT, and MPLS. And there is lots of new material on applications, including over 60 pages on the Web, plus Internet radio, voice over IP, and video on demand.~Finally, the coverage of network security has been revised and expanded to fill an entire chapter.~Author, educator, and researcher Andrew S. Tanenbaum, winner of the ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, carefully explains how networks work on the inside, from underlying hardware at the physical layer up through the top-level application layer.


Computer systems and networks


Call number : 004.616 C738

Authors : Barry G. Blundell … [et al.]

Publisher : London : Thomson Learning, 2007. – [xiii], 314 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

ISBN : 978-1-84480-639-3

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.616 C738

Computer Systems and Networks provides an insight into the construction and operation of modern computer systems. Main computer sub-systems such as the CPU, primary and secondary storage devices, I/O systems, the display, etc, are reviewed. One chapter deals exclusively with digital circuits. Basic gates are described together with their use in forming combinational and sequential logic circuits. The functionality of the modern operating system is also described. Today, networking is an integral part of the computer and so the book introduces basic networking techniques and communications principles. By and large a bottom up approach is adopted in describing how the computer sub-systems are constructed and integrated so as to form the modern computer.

Internetworking với TCP/IP : Các nguyên lý, giao thức, kiến trúc – Tập 1

in3Authors : Nguyễn Quốc Cường

Publisher : Tp. HCM : Giáo dục, 2001. – 430 tr. ; 24 cm.

Library code : FAT2 ( 01 )

Internetworking với TCP/IP Tập 2 .

in4Authors : Nguyễn Quốc Cường

Publisher : H.: Lao động, 2002. – 324 tr.; 29 cm..

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  004.6 C973

Best of the Internet


Call number : 004.678 K919

Authors : Joe Kraynak

Publisher : India: Que Publishing 2004. – 408 p.; 21 cm

ISBN : 0789730294

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.678 K919

Best of the Internet, 2004 Edition is the ultimate mini-guide for finding the best information on the Internet fast and conveniently! This pocket-sized guide includes only those Web sites that have the best information available, and all sites are identified as either Kid-Friendly or Adults-Only. You can use this guide to track down old friends, link to hot new Internet technologies, plan a vacation, purchase gifts for loved-ones, and much more!

Computer and Internet use on campus : a legal guide to issues of intellectual property, free speech, and privacy


Call number : 343.7309 H392

Authors : Constance S. Hawke

Publisher : San Francisco ; [Great Britain] : Jossey-Bass, 2001. – xix, 172 p. ; 23 cm.

ISBN : 0787955167

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  343.7309 H392

This book provides a thoughtful and practical guide to some of the thorniest issues surrounding technology use on campus, from intellectual property rights to free speech to privacy issues.

Internet technology handbook optimizing the IP network [electronic resource]


Call number : 004.6/2 M649

Authors : Mark A. Miller

Publisher : Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, 2004. – xxix, 955 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 0471480509

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.6/2 M649

A comprehensive reference that addresses the need for solid understanding of the operation of IP networks, plus optimization and management techniques to keep those networks running at peak performance Uniquely distinguished from other books on IP networks, as it focuses on operation and management support, and is not just another treatise on protocol theory Includes many practical case studies as further illustration of the concepts discussed

Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet. – 3rd ed.

computer-networking-a-top-down-approach-featuring-the-internetAuthors : Kurose, James F

Publisher : us : Pearson International Edition, 2005. – 821 p. ; 23 cm.

ISBN : 0-321-26976-4

Library code : FSE ( 02 )

Revised to reflect the rapid changes in the field of networking, Computer Networks provides a top-down approach to the study, by beginning with applications-level protocols and then working down the protocol stack. An early emphasis is placed on application-layer paradigms and application programming interfaces to allow readers to get their ‘hands-dirty’ with protocols and networking concepts in the context of applications they will use in industry.

Internet core protocols : the definitive guide

internet-core-protocols-the-definitive-guideAuthors : Eric A. Hall

Publisher : Beijing ; Cambridge, Mass. : O’Reilly, 2000. – xx, 449 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 9781565925724

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  004.6/2 H175

This work provides the nitty-gritty details of TCP, IP and UDP. It shows that many network problems with protocols can be debugged by working at the lowest levels (looking at all the bits and travelling back and forth on the wire). The guide explains what those bits are and how to interpret them. A CD-ROM is included with the book; it contains Shomiti’s “Surveyor Lite”, a packet analyzer that runs on Win32 systems, plus the original RFCs, for reference. Together, this package includes all that system and network administrators should need to troubleshoot their networks.

Software engineering . – 8th ed.


Call number : 005.1 S697

Authors :  Ian Sommerville

Publisher : New York : Addison-Wesley, 2007. – xxiii , 840 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

ISBN : 0321313798

Library code : FSE ( 05 )

Call number :  005.1 S697

Sensible choice and organization of topics, made all the more authoritative by the author’s credentials as a senior academic in the area Prof. David S. Rosenblum, University College London I find Somerville inviting and readable and with more appropriate content Julian Padget, University of Bath Sommerville takes case studies from radically different areas of SE. This avoids excessive stereotyping (hence blinkering), but permits some depth and detail. Dr C Lester, Portsmouth University Software Engineering 8 presents a broad perspective on software systems engineering, concentrating on widely used techniques for developing large-scale systems. Structured into 6 parts: 1: Introduction; 2: Requirements Engineering; 3: Design; 4: Software Development; 5: Verification and Validation; 6: Management And now with additional new chapters on System Security Engineering, Aspect-oriented Software Development, and Service-oriented systems! Building on the widely acclaimed strengths of the 7th edition, 8 updates readers with the latest developments in the field, whilst maintaining the structure and content of the 7th easily upward compatible for those using the text in a teaching environment.

Software engineering : theory and practice. – 3rd ed.,


Call number : 005.1 P531

Authors : Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, Joanne M. Atlee

Publisher : Pearson international ed. – Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. – xix, 716 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

ISBN : 0131984616

Library code : FSE ( 01 )

Call number :  005.1 P531

For introductory courses in Software Engineering. This introduction to software engineering and practice addresses both procedural and object-oriented development. The book applies concepts consistently to two common examples — a typical information system and a real-time system. It combines theory with real, practical applications by providing an abundance of case studies and examples from the current literature. This revision has been thoroughly updated to reflect significant changes in software engineering, including modeling and agile methods.

Mạng máy tính

Authors : Hồ Anh Phong b.s

Publisher : H. : Thống kê, 2002. – 692tr. ; 24 cm.

Library code : FAT2 ( 02 )

Call number :  004.6 T164

Hướng dẫn tự học máy tính căn bản

in6Authors : Trịnh Tuấn Đạt

Publisher : H. : Từ điển Bách Khoa, 2007. – 346 tr. ; 24 cm.

Library code : FAT2 ( 01 )

Call number :  Không có

Tìm hiểu mạng máy tính

Authors : Trần Việt

Publisher : H. : Giáo dục, 1998. – 83 tr. ; 25 cm

Library code : FAT1 ( 01 )

Call number :  004.6 V666

Tự nâng cấp máy tính của bạn: Upgrade your own PC

Authors : Hoàng Thanh, Trương Văn Thiện

Publisher : H. : Thống Kê, 2001. – 238 tr. ; 21 cm. – Trương Văn Thiện

Library code : FAT1 ( 01 )

Call number :  004.2 T367

Ebooks in Books24x7

Design And Analysis of Reliable And Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems

design-and-analysis-of-reliable-and-fault-tolerant-computer-systemsAuthors : Mostafa Abd-El-barr

Publisher : Imperial College Press © 2007 (463 pages) Citation

ISBN : 9781860946684

Covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of fault-tolerant mobile systems, and fault tolerance and analysis, this book tackles the current issues of reliability-based optimization of computer networks, fault-tolerant mobile systems, and fault tolerance and reliability of high speed and hierarchical networks. The book is divided into six parts to facilitate coverage of the material by course instructors and computer systems professionals. The sequence of chapters in each part ensures the gradual coverage of issues from the basics to the most recent developments. A useful set of references, including electronic sources, is listed at the end of each chapter.

Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms, 17th Edition

computers-systems-terms-and-acronyms-17th-editionAuthor :  M. Susan Hodges

Publisher : SemCo © 2007 (272 pages) Citation

ISBN : 9780979443206

Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms, 16th Edition

in9Author :  M. Susan Hodges

Publisher : SemCo © 2006 (266 pages) Citation

ISBN : 9780966842289

Principles of Digital Communication Systems and Computer Networks

principles-digital-communication-system-computer-networksAuthor : Dr. K.V. Prasad

Publisher : Charles River Media © 2003 (742 pages) Citation

ISBN : 9781584503293

This is a textbook for digital communication systems, data communication and computer networks, and mobile computing.

Internet resources


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