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Title:      どんなときどう使う日本語表現文型辞典
Categories:      FSE-HOALAC
BookID:      TK/NNHL002978-79
Authors:      Etsuko Tomomatsu; Jun Miyamoto; Masako Wakuri
ISBN-10(13):      9784757418868
Publisher:      Aruku
Publication date:      2010
Number of pages:      531
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

This Nihongo Hyogen Bunkei Jiten is a comprehensive dictionary to Japanese expressions, perfect for all levels. Dictionaries are probably one of the most important materials for learners of a foreign language, but sometimes even dictionaries cannot help, especially when it comes to expressions. You will find it quite difficult to look up a Japanese expression with a general dictionary as most just show the single vocabularies and not the combined expression.However, this dictionary contains them all. It includes more than 1,000 entries and will teach you like no other book the most essential expressions applicable to JLPT Level NI – N5, organized by the kana-system from あ to ん. Each expression provides several example sentences in Japanese with hiragana writing on top of the Kanji and explanations of the word usage in English, Chinese and Korean 529 pages language: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

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